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Bottled water is а highly regulated sector in the food industry. Bottled water is intended solely for human consumption and therefore has a direct impact on public health; it obviously must meet the strictest health standards.

Analyses of dentists showed that dangerous to children Mineral waters are those that contain too much fluoride. Safe are those in which there is no more than 1.5 mg/l.

ln mineral water LenovO, fluoride concentration of this substance is less than the specified maximum and meets the safety limits – 1.3 mg/l.

Natural mineral water Lenovo derives from underground sources, protected from contamination, with perfect natural purity - chemical and microbiological, with permanent composition and lack of toxic microelements in the presence of good food and physiological substances.

The water is bottled at the source - subject to the requirements of the Ordinance for mineral, spring and table water. We can observe the presence of different ingredients, good for our health - dissolved salts, meta siliceous acid, fluoride, sulfates, carbon dioxide and others. Mineral water Lenovo has a permanent physical and chemical composition, even when the flow of the field changes.


Natural mineral water "LenovO" is from a small village, located in the northeastern Rhodope Mountains (287 meters altitude) and bearing the same name - Lenovo.

The village is situated 50 kilometers from Haskovo and 35 kilometers from Plovdiv. The production factory is also in LenovO – the place where the water originates from – as the Bulgarian laws require. The natural mineral water “LenovO” has been on the market for approximately eight years.

It is known that the village was formed in 1722. The "Gorniya Karayurt” area was populated first, then – “Yurtishtata”, but later the inhabitants moved to their current location - close to the forest. During the Ottoman rule and later (after liberation), the Rhodope element was strongly advocated.

By 1905 the village was called Kitenlak, after that – renamed to Lenovo, because of the flax (linen) sow in the area

Next to the village is the mound “Teketo”, also called “Tepeto”. Residues of pot and debris of marble were found here. Foundation walls can be seen, probably of Thracian and later by Christian sanctuary converted by the Turks in Teke. A Votive tablet was also discovered with Thracian horseman, gold ornaments and utensils.

Nature has blessed Lenovo with 4 mineral springs, hot and cold water, which draws people from many different parts of the country